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Field House Farm
Worcs. DY9 9SS

Garden sculpture, water features, ornament, bridges, wind and weather vanes, fountains, landscape art

Garden Sculpture 3
Original metal sculpture for gardens of all sizes. All of these pieces are designed, and manufactured by Paul Margetts. All exterior work is weather-proofed with a zinc treatment and painted as required. The following photos should give the viewer an idea of the range of work undertaken by Paul Margetts. Designing sculpture for specific locations is a feature of the versatility of our work. If you require ideas for your landscape project please get in touch.

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sailing sculpture, yacht sculpture, boast sculpture

sails sculpture, sailing trophy, maritime art, sail boat sculpture, yacht sculpture, dinghy sculpture, sailing racing trophy

Two Sail Sculpture
800mm high for interior locations and small gardens, also available 1200mm and 2500mm high.
The sculpture on the right is 2500mm finished in silver/aluminium paint
situated in a garden on the shore of the Dart Estuary in Devon.
(apologies for the poor picture quality)
The sculpture on the left is finished with a clear lacquer suitable for indoors.
It can be galvanised and finished with graphite black, or aluminium silver paint suitable for outdoor siting.
Two Sails  800mm high 385.00 +vat.  Two Sails 1200mm high 495.00+vat   Two Sails 2500mm high 2950.00+vat
  (800mm high with lacquer finish for indoors  265.00+vat).


garden art and sculpture and ornament



"Freedom" Sculpture

1300mm high.
Shown from front and rear.
The sculpture in these pictures is finished in a cellulose lacquer which is only suitable for interior locations. For exterior siting the sculpture will be galvanised and finished in a hand mixed eggshell black paint with graphite powder.  As "Rhythm" in mild steel as shown below.
"Freedom" 795.00+vat


sculpture for gardens, art in the environment


sculpture of yacht, yachting art, sailboat sculpture

Three Sail Sculpture
 620mm high.

The upper sculpture is finished with a clear lacquer suitable for indoors. 424.00+vat

The lower sculpture is galvanised and finished in graphite black suitable for outdoor siting.



Heart sculptue, loveheart sculpture, love, love sculpture, garden sculpture broken heart

garden ornament heart, love art, garden art lover, flower show sculpture

Fabricated in mild steel and finished in graphite black
920mm high, base 260x260
Heart 665.00+vat


Garden sculpture elipse and ball, patio ornament

"Ellipse and Ball"

520mm high, fabricated steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection
Weight 22kg
Ellipse and Ball 515.00+vat


Abstract contemporary garden sculpture of a swan in metal

Sculpture of a swan for a garden or pool, a contemporary piece of garden art

Swan Sculpture
1000mm high, 1100mm wing span.
Forged in mild steel and finished in a silver or graphite black paint.
Swan 765.00+vat


contemporary garden sculpture

sculpture for gardens and parks in metal


interior sculpture, contemporary style


Approx 870mm high
Mild steel rings finished in black graphite paint with polished stainless steel sphere.

Designed to stand on a plinth approx 600-800mm high

Suitable as an interior or exterior sculpture for Hotel or Office reception area
Focus - no longer available


Figurative sculpture, garden art, romantic sculpture, erotic art, garden sculpture

Jigsaw Lovers Sculpture
Mild steel, galvanised for weather protection then finished in graphite black.

1280 mm high, approx 20 kg
No longer available



garden sculpture, metal outdoor sculpture, modern sculpture, contemporary sculpture

Two Arcs Sculpture
Forged mild steel, galvanised for weather protection and finished in graphite black
920mm wide x 470 mm high suitable for smaller gardens and patios
1470mm wide x 750 mm high suitable for larger gardens.
Two Arcs small 595.00+vat - Two Arcs  large 785.00+vat


figurative sculpture

"Intimate" Sculpture
1000mm high. Forged mild steel, galvanised for excellent weather protection and finished in graphite black
Intimate 525.00+vat


Totem Garden
Mild steel, galvanised for weather protection then finished in graphite black.
1500mm high - Base 490mm x 180mm
Please note stiffeners on rear view
765 + vat


steel and stainless steel sculpture for gardens

"Karma" Sculpture
Stainless steel sphere supported within forged steel.
1350mm high
Karma 565.00+vat



interior sculpture of an angel

contemporary indoor sculpture of an angel

"Angel" Sculpture
Forged steel,  Indoor Size: 775mm high with lacquer finish  380.00+vat.
Outdoor size, galvanised and finished in graphite black 1020mm high 635.00+vat


garden sculture, modern sculpture, metal art, garden art, art for gardens

"Three Squares" Garden Sculpture
620mm high, 600mm wide
Three Squares 990.00+vat


garden sculpture in metal, modern design sculpture, garden art


contemporay sculpture for the garden, modern art

"Saracens" Garden Sculpture
1.3 metres high.
Private garden in Leicestershire
Saracens  - no longer available


art for gardens in metal, sculpture

metal sculpture for gardens, art for outside, garden ornaments

outdoor sculpture, garden art, garden ornaments, art for gardens, contemporary scvulpture, modern sculpture, metal sculpture


"Twirling Leaves" Garden Sculpture
Available at 1220mm high and  810 mm high
Finishes graphite black or silver.
Twirling Leaves Small 810mm high 495.00+vat
Medium 1220mm high 790.00+vat
Large 1750mm high 1350.00+vat


Garden sculpture describing a loveheart

"Loveheart" Sculpture

Loveheart (750mm high) 535.00+vat
Loveheart (1000mm high) 685.00+vat



large sculpture of a cockerel for gardens

sculpture for gardens of a chicken

Forged in mild steel and galvanised for excellent weather protection.
Finished in either silver or graphite black paint.
Large 1540mm high (above), small 760mm high (below)
Small Cockerel 455.00+vat  Large silver or black Cockerel 1090.00+vat




Stainless steel sculpture, garden sculpture in stainless steel, stainless steel garden ornament

modern sculpture for gardens, garden ornaments

1.4 metres high forged in mild steel with graphite black or silver finish.
(No longer available in
polished stainless steel)

Rhythm, mild steel with graphite finish 725.00+vat


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N.B All designs are protected by copyright Paul Margetts 2022

sculpture, metal sculpture, public art, sculpture by the sea

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