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Wind Vanes and Sculptures

Wind sculptures are an engaging addition to public parks and private gardens. The vanes can have either a fun and whimsical theme or can have a more serious sculptural quality.

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Windvane inspired by the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky  2.8 metres wide. Can be made smaller and the pole can be made at a height to suit location.


Garden mobile

These mobiles are beautifully balanced and rotate gracefully in the wind. Can be made to free stand on a plinth or on an adjustable frame to be set within planting. Approx 1.7 metres horizontally  from tip to tip in the lower photo. Approx 1.2 metres high. Largest sphere 100mm diameter. The two photographs are of the same mobile in different poses.

Please click here to see a video of the mobile moving



Wind sculpture, the top element turns in the wind. Approx 1 metre high.


Windvanes for a playground in a Birmingham Nursery School. Commissioned by Birmingham City Council as part of their "Young at Art" programme. Each column carries a vane mounted on low maintenance polymer bearings - the heavy balls on the end of the vanes give a pendulum effect that encourages them to swing "through" the wind and then try to correct themselves thus exaggerating the effect of the wind through constant movement.


Kite wind vane



Flying Geese Wind Vanes. 5.5 metres high situated in a small park beside a canal


Windvane at Brindley Heath Junior School, Kinver, Staffordshire

5 metres high, designed with students as a school project.


A series of three windvanes, largest 8 metres high.
For a new industrial development in Bilston, West Midlands.





Windvanes for Manor Park, South London.
This sculpture was commissioned by the Environment Agency as part of a flood control scheme. The details in the vanes depict some of the unusual features of the park.


Large wind vane for private garden, Romsley, Worcestershire.

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