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Weather vanes

Weather Vanes make unique gifts and I have designed many to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Any design of sail can be selected to suit the name of the building or describe a special interest of the person it is for. The size of the weathervane can be adjusted to fit a specific building. Most of the vanes below are for traditional domestic or farm sites - larger vanes with original modern designs can be produced. Weathervanes are supplied with custom made brackets to suit the building.

Weathervanes are priced from 300 + vat.

All exterior steel-work is weather-proofed by galvanising and painted as required.

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Swallows Weather Vane

weather vane with birds


weather vane for country cottage modern style

Classical Vane made for a house in Worcestershire


Grouse Weather Vane

grouse weather vane


weather vane with racehorse, equestrian riding vane

Racehorse Vane


Vane for School in Worcester, the details below each arm describe the likely weather when the wind is blowing from that direction


Dragon weather vane made for a
cottage in Wales

weather vane with welsh dragon


art nouveau style weather vane

Art Nouveau Weather Vane


Leaping Salmon Weather Vane designed for Scottish fishing lodge

fishing weather vane fisherman


Kandinsky Weather Vane
For a garage in Herefordshire - 1250mm wide


Flying swans weather vane, wind vane flying geese, canada geese, swans

Flying Geese Weather Vane designed for house in Scotland


Owl and Mouse vane made for a barn conversion in Surrey

weather vane with owl for a barn


fishing boat weather vane

Lobster fishing boat weather vane.
A wife's present to her husband who loves catching lobsters off the south coast of England. The vane was designed using pictures provided by the client.


Shooter with labrador and spaniel weather vane


Elephant Vane


Labrador Weather Vane

dog weather vane labrador


Steam Train Weather Vane



Aberdeen Angus Cow and Calf
Farm Weathervane

weathervane cow and calf, vane for farm, aberdeen angus weathervane


weather vane with cricket batsman

Cricket Weather Vane

Weather Vane made for
Belbroughton Cricket Club


Bull Weather Vane

weather vane with bull aberdeen anngus, herefors vane


school weather vane

School Weathervane


Sandpiper Weathervane


Motor Cycle Weather Vane for BMW enthusiast

motorcycle weather vane bmw


Pheasant vane for a farm in Kent

pheasant weather vane

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