Paul Margetts
   Sculpture and Metal-Work

Field House Farm
Worcs. DY9 9SS

Paul Margetts designs and makes sundials for all locations. From small domestic sundials to large dials for parks and commercial properties.
Sundials are often custom designed for specific sites.


sundial for garden in a contemporary style

a modern sundial for a garden or park, an equatorial sundial

Viking Sundial, Private Garden, Sutton Coldfield


large sundial for gardens

garden sundial, or dial for commercial site

Large Sundial
Designed and made for landscaped area in front
of commercial property, Manchester


garden sundial for retirement home

garden ornament sundial, an attractive garden feature

Sundial with floral pedestal
 made for gardens of nursing home, Yorkshire


sundial in a modern style, a contemporary garden sculpture

modern sculptural sundial for gardens


Zeus Sundial.
A striking design suitable for larger gardens.
Size:1300mm from ball to ball.


garden sundial, a modern sculpture for landscapes

Ribbon Sundial. 1.5 metres high. Forged steel and Copper
Sold at Sothebys auction.


sundial for parks and gardens

large sundial for parks and gardens

Sundial 2 metres high for public park, Fairfield, Worcestershire.
The sides are decorated with images that describe the village's history.
The steel blocks that mark the hours can be seen set into the ground.


sundial for a school garden

 school sundial, a garden sculpture for a school play area

 Butterfly Sundial for Meadowgate School, Wisbech.
This sundial was designed with the collaboration of the school children following a demonstration and sculpture presentation at the school.

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large garden sundial for a school

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