The Good Metalwork Guide

"The Good Metal-Work Guide" is a list of some of the best contemporary British metal-work and sculpture. The guide, although principally involved with the work of artist blacksmiths is not exclusively for forged work nor does it list only the work of members of the British Artist Blacksmith Association (BABA) although without their co-operation and enthusiasm this list could not have been compiled. Welded sculpture and innovative fabrication is also listed, however only work produced since 1975 is included. Sites that relate to metalwork are also listed such as museums and galleries.

This guide is presently still being compiled but in order to allow people to take advantage of the information that has been submitted so far, I have decided to publish this draft version.

No responsibility for the accuracy of the information set out below is accepted by the editor. It is impossible to visit each site and check details, should you find any information that is inaccurate or misleading please e-mail me the corrections.

I hope that this guide helps you to discover some of Britain's wonderful contemporary metal-work. This information is offered freely - as a small repayment please help me make the guide better by adding more sites to this list and letting me know of mistakes - this will benefit us all. Please enjoy!

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Barker, Don (maker), Designer: Butress Fuller

Lamp Pylons, 1995

West Door, Westminster Abbey, London

4m high, Gas lamps formed from cast brass sections mounted on steel pylons and decorated in medieval colours.

Front main entrance to Westminster Abbey

Always accessible.

Barker, Don (maker), Designer: Butress Fuller

Lady Chapel screens and doors, 1996

Chapel, Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent.

3.5m high, 3.5m wide, Main entrance doors and memorial screen, and Lady Chapel screen, in forged steel.

Enter Tonbridge on B245, turn right into Tonbridge School, Chapel is on LHS.

Ask at school for permission to view.

Bennie, Elspeth (designer), made by designer

Gullans Close Overthrow, 1995

266 Royal Mile, Edinburgh

1m high, 2m wide. Decorative overthrow incorporating name sign at entrance to Gullans Close.

Gullans Close lies between St Mary’s Street and St John Street on the rhs of the Royal Mile when going down the hill towards Holyrood.

Always accessible.

Bennie, Elspeth (designer), made by designer & Steve Payne

Fishmarket overthrow, 1995

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

1m high, 3.4m wide. Decorative overthrow at entrance to Fishmarket Close. Forged and fabricated with repoused fish.

On the Royal Mile heading down the hill from the Castle it is on the rhs next to Parliament Square between GeorgeIV Bridge and South Bridge.

Always accessible.

Bent, Richard (designer), made by designer

Navy Crests, 1990

High Street, Gosport, Hampshire

Four 1000mm dia. crests forged in mild steel on steel panels depicting the association of Gosport town with the Navy. Crests are HMS Deadalus, HMS Sultan, HMS Dolphin, and RN Hospital Haslar

Ferry end of Gosport at the entrance to the High Street pedestrianisation. Always accessible.

Bent, Richard (designer), made by designer

Jazz Gates, 1995

Exit to Worting Road Cemetery, Basingstoke, Hampshire

2.2m high, 7.5m wide. Hot forged, free-formed gates, finished in spectacular colours. The colours represent the passage of the sun from dawn to dusk, likening a life to a day on Earth. "Jazz" - there are no mistakes only opportunities. The gates are a celebration of Life.

Situated in Attwood Road off Worting Road on the west side of Basingstoke town centre.

Always accessible on outside - inside during business hours.

Bent, Richard (designer) made by designer

Cornmarket tree seat. 1996

The Cornmarket, Romsey, Hampshire

2m high, 1.8m wide, 1.8m deep. Forged and fabricated tree in mild steel, surrounded by circular wooden iroko seat. Lettering on signs in gold leaf.

The Cornmarket is situated in the centre of Romsey Town.

Always accessible

Bent, Richard (designer) made by designer

Stair ballustrade, 1996

Foyer, Stanwell House Hotel, High Street, Lymington, Hampshire.

Stair balustrade with a flowing organic theme. 3 metres in length.

In entrance foyer at Stanwell House Hotel, on the High Street, Lymington, Hampshire.

Accessible during Hotel opening times.

Black, Hamish (designer) made by designer

Cuckoo Trail Pavilions, 1992

On Cuckoo Trail cycle path between Polegate and Hailsham in East Sussex.

4m high, 3m wide, 3m deep. A series of steel fabricated pavilions placed at the intersections of the trail with minor roads to celebrate the trails individual location. Each pavilion has a cuckoo discreetly hidden.

The works are located between Polegate and Hailsham, East Sussex at intersections with minor roads between A22 and B2104 at Sayerlands, Oatham Court, Saltmarsh Lane and Ersitam Road.

Always accessible.

Black, Hamish (designer) made by designer

Bridge, 1994

The Entrance to Sainsburys Superstore, Newhaven, East Sussex.

1.8m high, 4.5m wide. A half ellipse doubles as the profile of a world map as seen from the southern hemisphere. The surface is cut away to reveal a bridge construction made from industrial and hand forged elements.

Take the Seafront/Harbour link road off the A259 through Newhaven.

Accessible during shopping hours.

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Main Entrance Gates, 1994

Longcross Road, Longcross, Surrey

4.5m high, 5 m wide. Main entrance gates to private estate

On the Longcross Road

The gates are on private property, however the work can be viewed from the public road.

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Votive candle stand, 1985

Guildford Catedral, Guildford, Surrey

metres high,

To reach Guildford Cathedral follow the brown signs off the A3

Accessible at most times, but there is a small admission charge unless attending a service.

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Balconies, lighting, handrails, gates, car park railing 1994/95

The Grace Barnard Design Centre, 19 High street, Nutfield, Reigate, Surrey

On the main road going through Nutfield

The Design Centre is open Tues - Sat 10.00-5.00

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Security gates and railings, 1996

Brasenose College, Oxford

3.5m high, 5.3m wide

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Sculptural railings, 1997

Waitrose Supermarket, High Street, Godalming, Surrey.

4m high, 50m long. Decorative railings around car park

Opposite the Borough Hall, on the High Street, Godalming.

Always accessible

Clark, Terrence (designer) made by designer

Railings and Sculpture, 1996

Bridge Hotel, Chertsey, Surrey

1.2m high, 16m long. Sculpture height 4.2 metres. Sculpture and railings beside river.

The Bridge Hotel is alongside Chertsey Bridge in Chertsey

Always accessible


Cole, Hector (designer) made by designer

Gates for Highgrove House, 1981

Doughton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

2m high, 3.5m wide. Pair of forged steel gates with matching side gate and panel.

Highgrove gates were commissioned by Tetbury Town Council as a wedding present for the Prince and Princess of Wales. They are hand forged throughout using traditional techniques. They are a modern interpretation of a classic design to complement the period of the house. The main vertical bars are shaped to give lightness to the overall design and have detailed ball tooling near the tops of the bars. The only reference to the Prince of Wales is the stylised plumes on top of the striking plate.

One mile north of Tetbury on A433 Bath Road

The gates are visible from the main road thus always accessible, but expect tight security.

Cole, Hector (designer) made by designer

Park Gates, 1995

North Lodge entrance to Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

3.5m high, 3.5m wide. Double gates of traditional design and execution with ornate double sided leaf and flower overthrow incorporating the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire’s coat of arms.

On the main A429 Cirencester to Malmesbury Road. One mile north of Malmesbury on the right hand side of the road. Look for the lodge cottage at the side of the gates. From Cirencester follow the M4 signs. From the M4, exit at junction 17 and follow the signs for Cirencester.

Always accessible.

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

"Transition", 1990

100 Queen Street , Glasgow.

Each screen 2m high X 3m wide. A pair of matching screens and gates at main entrance to prestigious offices.

Designed to create a threshold of abstracted organic forms between the natural shrubs seen externally in the foyer and the manmade harshness of the street. Forged mild steel, cast brass and bronze details. Matt black.

On corner of Ingram St. and Queen St. opposite Gallery of Modern Art.

Always accessible

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Entrance Gates. 1990

Main Entrance, Headquarters Borders Regional Council, Newton St Boswells, nr. Melrose, Scotland.

Each screen 3m high X 1m wide. A pair of sliding screens designed into the fabric of the front of this high tech building. A stainless steel lattice with interweaving of powder coated diamond shapes and lathe-turned detailing, with added colour to harmonise with the architecture.

Enter the town from the by-pass A68 Edinburgh-Jedburgh Rd. The site is next to the tall concrete tower.

Always accessible

Creed, John (designer) Made by Dawson Associates Ltd

Five Seating Units and Cycle Supports. 1994

Placed on the national east/ west cyclepath Whitehaven to Sunderland along the route of a disused railway line. Whitehaven to Ennerdale section West Cumbria.

The broad design concept aims to evoke a sense of anticipation and ‘surveyance’ with the traveller by using a strong vertical element. Each of these is topped by different colourful graphic symbols based on past signalling systems to suit the location. Each unit has a straightforward simplicity by using standard ‘U’ beams together with circular seating . This reference to locomotives and agricultural engineering is developed to suite each site in its relationship with the railway line and nearby Cumbrian hills.

Always accessible from Cleator Moor, Frizington and Rowrah off the A5086 and B5295. Best seen by cycling along this section of about 5miles. Further information from West Cumbria Groundwork Trust, tel:01946 813677.

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Decorative Doors. 1995

Gallery of Ironwork. Double doors to library, Royal Museum of Scotland, Chamber Street, Edinburgh.

2m high X 1.6m wide. An abstract creature-like design evolved from the medieval idea of using animals and insects at the keyhole to ward off evil spirits. Forged mild steel with brass attached to the door surface of European oak. Design echoed in simpler form on the inside of the door.

Sited on half landing of stairway, floor 2 at rear of building. This Museum is connected internally with the new Museum of Scotland.

Accessible during Museum opening hours. Entrance charge

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Three Entrance Screens and Handrail. 1996

Customs House, Harbourside, Irvine, Ayrshire.

Two screens each 1.5m long X 1.5m high. Central Screen 3m long X 1.5m high. Design uses a repeat motif of ship’s sail with mast and elements representing the sea, all in three dimensions. Mild steel formed and fabricated, painted matt black.

Sited at entrance to neo-palladium portico of private flats. Adjacent to Scottish Maritime Museum.

Accessible at all times

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Main Entrance Gates and Railings, Notice Board, Banner Post and Gallery Sign. 1996

Usher Gallery, Lindum Road, Lincoln.

4m high, 3.5m wide. The Gates and Railings use a development of the lancet arch of the nearby cathedral and undulating topography of the park as the principle structure. The detailing of stainless steel roundels and gilded parts associate the work with William Usher, the Gallery’s benefactor, jeweller and collector, of which the display of watches is particularly striking. The other associated works follow the same design ideas.

The Gallery sits in a prominent position in its own grounds below the cathedral. The work is clearly seen along the busy Lindum Road which curves out of the town centre towards the north-east.

Accessible at all times.

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Security gate with matching roof sculpture. 1997

Kelly Gallery, 118 Douglas Street, Glasgow G2.

An innovate design which wraps around the corner of the entrance wall when open. This signals to the potential customer from a distance that the Gallery is open for viewing. A simple abstract repeat motif used for the gate is echoed in sculptural form above the entrance. This states the position of the Gallery from a distance. Forged steel with stainless steel. Painted matt black.

The roof sculpture can be seen from Sauchiehall Street and the Art School.

Accessible at all times

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

"Benchmark" 1998

Norrie-Miller Riverside Gardens, Perth, Scotland.

Five sculptural seating units which allow visitors to linger and savour the magnificent views of the River Tay and wildlife of the park.

This work takes the river as its reference point. The main structure, at a tangent to the waters edge, symbolises the dominance of water and opposing forces of tide and river. It offers sanctuary and time for reflection upon life. The other four structures arc up the bank to mimic ‘Above Ordnance Datum‘ points used by hydrologists as a universal indicator of river levels.

Formed and fabricated steel, painted, oak and industrial brick.

Sited at east bank of the River Tay midway between Seaton and Queens Bridges. Part of the Perth Sculpture Trail. Illustrated booklet available locally.

Accessible at all times

Creed, John (designer) made by designer

Free-Standing Uplighters. 1998

Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA.

Nine uplighters designed for their new restaurant. The stylised organic plants are in three different heights to relate to the undulating form of the roof and make reference to the garden seen through the large sweeping windows.

Mild steel, surface patinated brown. Forged, formed, spun and fabricated. Heights 2.2 to 3.0m.

Access free through Museum entrance. Open: Tues.>Sat.10.00>5.00pm. Sun. 2>5.00pm.

Crownshaw, Peter (designer) made by designer

Needle Mill Sculpture, 1994

Millward Square, Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire.

5m high, 4m long, 3.5m wide. A kinetic sculpture based on Redditch’s industrial heritage. Features a large water wheel and old needle polishing mill surrounded by forged railings. A clock is mounted in the top of the sculpture.

In Redditch follow signs to Kingfisher Centre. Use car park No. 3 and ask for Millward Square.

Accessible during normal shopping hours.


Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

Sunseats and steel banners, 1995

Bilston Town Centre, near Wolverhampton

Seats 1.5m high, 6m wide.

Banners 6.5m high, 1.2 m wide

Derivation of Bilston Baal or Bel and Ton "The place of the Sun" was the inspiration for 3 semi-circular steel seats. 11 enamelled suns rise and set through the 6 metre curved seat back. The banners are in laser cut stainless steel and each has a repouse or forged emblem of the towns coat of arms mounted on it.

Bilston Town Centre, follow signs to Bilston Market Centre

Always accessible.

Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

Transformation of St Phillip’s School boundary and grounds, 1993

St Philips Primary School, Barrow Street, Salford, Manchester.

1.5m high, 36m long, Artworks consisting of 18 railing panels, 2 sets of gates, sign, 6 seats, 2 litter bins. Fabricated in profile cut-out plate, perforated steel and woven mesh, screen printed vitreous enamel, cast gun metal, and steel tube and bar.

Barrow Street, Salford, near Salford Cathedral. On the opposite side of the A6 (Chapel Street) two streets back from the A6.

Always accessible.

Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

Gateways to East Lancashire Railways, 1995

East Lancashire Railway, Rawtenstall, Lancashire

1.6m high, 1.3m wide. Based on the concept of a running line between East Lancs Station and Groundwork Centre. The gates are the first stage of the installation using scrap railway line and profile cut-out steel plate. With mosaic threshold stones.

Take the A56 to Rawtenstall, then follow signs for East Lancs Railway Station gates are on the opposite side of the track to the station.

Always accessible

Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

Standish Street pedestrian barrier, 1995

Junction of Bankfield and Standish Street, Burnley, Lancashire.

1m high, 6.6m long. Based on the concept of shopping, with particular reference to the independent specialist shops of Standish Street. 5 enamelled steel "shopping bags" and 6 cut out steel shelving panels depict the process of item display and purchase.

Junction of Bankfield and Standish Street, next to the Market Centre, Burnley, Lancashire.

Always accessible.

Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

Entrance sign, 1995

St John the Baptist School and Ragworth Neighbourhood Centre, Dover Road, Stockton on Tees.

2.3m high, 42m long. Artwork steel fence and sign including steel cut out hexagons, coloured vitreous enamelled steel hexagons, fence posts have cast gun metal tops.

Dover Road Ragworth Estate, Stockton on Tees.

Always accessible.

Chrysalis Arts Ltd (designer) made by designer

New entrance to Grange Park, Preston, 1996

2.2m high, 3.8m wide. New main gates and motorcycle barrier for the park. Imagery based on people’s ideas of what they want to see in their park. Constructed in profile cut steel plate, box section, bar and cast aluminium. Approx 60 local people involved in the design.

Take Jnct 31 off M6. Take A59 towards Preston, take A5085 Blackpool Road, then right onto B6243 Ribbleton Road then ask someone for Grange Park.

Always accessible.

Evans, Alan (designer) made by designer

Grilles, 1992

Southampton Art Gallery.

One pair of stainless steel and copper screens in the main second floor gallery and one pair in the entrance foyer on either side of the door. The pairs consist of one grille with hard, geometric masculine forms and one with soft organic feminine forms, they explore the ying yang parts of the whole,

1 m x 0.5 m and 1 m x 0.7 m

Southampton Art Gallery, North Guild is in the north end of the Civic Centre,

Southampton, S09 4XF

Access during Gallery open times.

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance gates, 1979

Society of Friends' Meeting house, Painswick, Glos.

Horizontal ellipses are implied by the position of the elements and latch. 1.8 m x 1.8 m

location address, access via public foot path

Evans Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance gate,1979

Church Street, Hereford

0.9m high, 2m wide. Entrance gate to Cappucine Yard Craft Studios, central elements are derived from the hand and the eye...the craftsman's most important tools.

Church Street leads from the Cathedral grounds.

Always accessible

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Treasury Gates, Saint Paul's Cathedral 1981

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London.

The design refers in part to the forms in the vaulted ceiling. The main frames form three X shapes barring entry which become arrow heads welcoming one into the treasury when the gates are open. The notion of the Trinity (the three diamond forms) and the mixing of spiritual and temporal life were also part of my verbal rationale.

2.4 m x 4.8 m

There is a charge for access to the crypt, open morning and early afternoon.

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Baptistery rail, 1982

Church of the Holy Redeemer, Pershore, Worcs.

The fluted stanchions and octagonal plan were derived from John Skelton's font base.

1m x 3m

location address - May require prior appointment

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Handrails, 1982

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London.

Handrails St.Paul's Cathedral crypt designed in sympathy with the architecture and the Treasury Gates. Various lengths.

There is a charge for access to the crypt, open morning and early afternoon.

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance gates, 1983

National Marriage Guidance Council College, Rugby.

2 m x 4 m

Open access (public roadside) but private college grounds.

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance and Wicket gates, 1985

Brimpsfield House, Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire.

These replaced solid wooden gates. The brief required more light to be admitted whilst retaining a degree of privacy.

2no. 2 m x 1 m and the pair 4 m and 1 m

Public roadside but private house entrance centre of the village

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance Gates, 1986

West Midlands Arts Offices, Granville Street, Birmingham.

Car park entrance gates

2 m x 4.5 m

location address open access, public roadside

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Gates, 1988

Southampton Station, platform linking bridge

Designed to compliment a mosaic mural by artist / friend Sue Ridge.

2 m x 2 m

location address open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by Alan Evans, Richard Lewis and Charles Normandale

Go-between screens, 1989

Broadgate Development at Liverpool Street Station, London

Gates and Screens. The heavy paired columns mark the grid that the entire development conforms to. The undulating lines and the texture formed by the articulated sections and tips of the uprights soften the harshness of the granite surfaces that surround the screens.

3 m x 24 m

location address , go to the west entrance of the station, at the Richard Serra sculpture turn right and follow a bee line over the scating rink and between the two buildings to the screens which are adjacent to the Sun Street roundabout.

Open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Rood screen, 1989

Saint George's Cathedral, Westminster Bridge Road,London.

Steel, stainless steel, wood and fabric screens. Panels painted by Sue Ridge.

2 m x 5 m

location address, may require prior appointment

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Chapel furniture 1990

Chapel of the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.

Altar, cross, tabernacle, lectern, flower stand, votive candle stand, entrance marker, gates and screen

location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by Alan Evans, Michael Roberts with Richard Lewis

Key-hole gate and street lamps, 1990

Cavendish Square, Swindon.

forged gate describing a sphere, 6 no.four post cluster lighting columns

gates 2 m high, lights 5 - 6 m high

location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Cross 1991

City Church, Christ the Cornerstone, off Saxon Gate, Milton Keynes

Cross / Finial for dome of the Ecumenical Church6 m

location address - central Milton Keynes south of A509 and west of main shopping area

open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Entrance Grille, 1991

Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery, Clarence Street, Chelenham.

Designed in response to the contents of the collection (Arts and Crafts Movement work by Gimson and the Barnsleys) and the facade by Sir Hugh Casson.

1.75 tonnes cantilevered structure 2.5 m high 5 m wide

museum hours to see interior - outside visible off street

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Gates, 1991

John Innes Research Institute, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Structure of undulating horizontal elements and implied resonances with an inverted ear of wheat cross section as one of the gates will always be approached from its end elevation 2 m x 4 m

location address - college campus, permission may be needed

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Arch-angle, 1991

Dragon Court, Macklin Street, London

Entrance-way / boundary marker from forged bar and plate

4 m high x 5 m long

location address south of High Holborn ,Holborn tube Station open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Screen One, 1991

Newarke subway, Leicester.

Screen to compliment mosaic mural by Sue Ridge, The function of the piece was to extend the line of the pedestrian tunnel to give warning of a lurking mugger.

2 m x 3.5 m x 1 m

location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by designer

Screens / railings, 1992

Castle Park, Bristol.

The design incorporates some panels of the original park railing which were reworked.

2.5 m x 35metres long

location address, central Bristol open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer) made by designer

Sue and Gordon's gates, 1992

Church Farm House, Frampton on Severn, Glos.

A triangle is implied by forged triangular notches on the front of upright elements, these are transformed into soft rounded forms on the 'home' side. A venetian blind effect maintains privacy but allows light to a yard area

2 m x 2.5 m

location address - open access from roadside but not from property side.

Evans, Alan (designer) made by Alan Evans, Alan Dawson, Andrew Rowe and others Ventilation / security grilles 1993

WCSHA building Pierhead Street,Cardiff Bay Development

Ventilation / security grilles with architectonic standards. The standards increase in height and complexity towards the main entrance on two sides of the building.

180 m x 1.3 and 1.6 m

location address, junction of Pierhead Street and Bute Street open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer) made by designer

Screen Two, 1993

Newarke subway, Leicester.

Designed to compliment mosaic mural by Sue Ridge.

1.1 to 2metres high 10metres long

Location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer) made by designer

Bicycle racks 1993

Cheltenham High Street pedestrian area

Four forged steel and stainless steel cantilevered structures each supporting six bicycles

1 m x 3 m x 1.8

location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer) made by Alan Evans, Peter Crownshaw and Richard Quinnell Ltd

Quaggy park, street furniture and railings, 1995

Quaggy Park and elsewhere in central Lewisham, London

Riverside and park perimeter railings, bench and bicycle racks. commissioned as part of Lewisham 2000

1.1 m x 200 m

location address - open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by Alan Evans, Peter Crownshaw, Terry Clark, Richard Lewis, Richard Quinnell Ltd, Angus Eickhoff and others

Public Record Office commission, 1995

Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, London

Entrance gates and bridge railings, handrails and bollards

25 tonnes 6 m high x 12metre wide gates, 80 m railings

location address Kew Gardens Station, site is on the north East side of the A205 South Circular road. open access, public place

Evans, Alan (designer), made by Alan Evans, height restrictors made by Peter Crownshaw

Tamebridge commission1996

Tamebridge Station, Sandwell, Walsall

Benches, bollards, bicycle racks and height restrictors

location address - trains every 20 minutes from New Street Station, Birmingham. Site is West and immediately adjacent to the junction of the M5 and M6 motorways. open access, public place, booking office hours to see benches.

Findlay, Andrew (designer) made by designer

Floral Doors. 1995

Lyric Cinema, pedestrian link, Pontardawe, West Glamorgan.

Two sets of steel doors with floral infil in forged steel - vines, lilies, poppies and ivy.

Take the M4 motorway and exit at junction 45, following signs to Pontardawe. At Pontardawe take 1st exit on 1st roundabout and park in car park 100m on right hand side . From the car park walk across the bridge over river and you will see the first set of doors. Walk through the corridor to the next set of doors. Turn right into main street , walk 100m and admire the sundial made by Andrew Rowe (see entry).

Always accessible

Findlay, Andrew (designer) made by designer

Pair of ornate steel doors 1999

Glebe place, Chelsea.

A very ornate pair of steel doors in the flemish style. (Work in progress, to be installed June 1999)

Take Underground or drive to Sloane Square, Chelsea. Head West up the Kings Road, past the old town hall. Glebe Place is 100m up on the left past the town hall. You will see a spectacular building facing you at the end of the road. Doors are on this building.

This is a private residence, please be considerate.

Fire and Iron Gallery,

Ironwork Gallery, Proprietor: Lucy Quinell.

Rowhurst Forge, Oxshott Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 0EN

Fire and Iron is a Crafts Council selected gallery exhibiting and selling work by leading international artist blacksmiths. An exciting programme of exhibitions and demonstrations supplements an extensive and impressive permanent display.

Just off junction 9 of M25, signposted from A244 Oxshott Road. The nearest stations are Oxshott or Leatherhead.

Open: Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm, free admission. 01372 386453


Hill John (designer), made by designer

York Minster Ecclesiastial Forgework 1977-96

York Minster, York

Pieces include, hanging & desk lights - choir. Altar cross & crown of thorns candle sticks- St Cuthbert's Chapel. Altar crosses & candlesticks, altar rails & column guards - Crypt. Cross & candlesticks in metal & glass - South Transcept Communion rails - De Grey tomb. Kohima memorial - forged bronze wreath & iron railings - Deans Park votive candlestick & candle box.

Centre of York

Open daily

Hopper, Graham (designer) made by designer

Amphitheatre Trellis 1996

Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, Cleveland.

Heavy trellis work to form boundary of amphitheatre. Forged and fabricated panels describing six themes - culture, sport, etc.

Pallister Park, North Ormesby Area, Middlesbrough .

Always accessible

Hopper, Graham (designer), made by designer

Sculpture Trail 1996

Stockton-Norton. Albany road bridge 1 mile of track north west

3 pieces of work (plus mushroom clumps) sited along Great Northern cycle route. Includes anti-motorcycle barriers. Made up of decaying fungus, insects, large cogs and bike chains. Largest piece 5.5 metres high wind sail reminiscent of billowing cloth sail.

Outside Stockton Centre, Norton Road cycle route sign posted

Always accessible.

Hopper, Graham (designer), made by designer

Nevilles Cross Sculpture, 1996.

Durham City

6 m high. Large sculpture commemorating the 650 anniversary of the Battle of Nevilles Cross. The high sculpture depicts the aftermath of the battle with the images of human form, flying pennants and heavy horse armour.

A1 north of Nevilles Cross, Durham Johnstone Grounds.

Always accessible.

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Gate for the Metalwork Gallery, 1981

Victoria and Albert Museum, Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London

2.5m high, 2.5m wide. Pair of heavy forged gates. The techniques used were basically traditional. The centre post was made from 150 dia. tube in 4 sections. The end of each section was belled out then welded and reforged to form 200mm dia. spheres.

Victoria and Albert Museum is signposted from South Kensington tube station.

Only accessible during museum opening times (admission charge) metalwork gallery is not always open - advise checking with museum before visit.

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Crown Reach Apartments Gates, 1982-83

Grosvenor Rd, London SW1

11 Individual forged and fabricated gates, 4 on Grovesnor Rd, 7 on public right of way within the complex.

For Grosvenor Rd use Pimlico tube station. Grosvenor Road runs along the Thames between Chelsea Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge.

Work accessible from dawn until dusk.

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Oriel House railings, gates and street lights, 1984-85

Oriel House, Connaught Place, London, W2

1.2m high, 60m wide. 2 sets of railings either side of main entrance. Gates and street lights also.

Connaught place is just off Edgware Rd - use Marble Arch tube station.

Accessible at all times

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer and Richard Quinnell.

Portcullis and Railings, 1985-86

Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, London

Portcullis and screen - . (Gold medal RIBA award for project)

Portcullis is opposite The Cenotaph, Whitehall. Railings on Richmond Terrace off Whitehall. Use Westminster tube station

Accessible at all times

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Gates, pendant lamps and waste bins. 1988-89

County Arcade, Briggate Street, Leeds, Yorkshire

3 Folding gates, pendant lamps and waste bins - fabricated steel with forged detail.

Central shopping arcade in the old Victorian Quarter in central Leeds

Accessible in normal shopping hours

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Crown Court screens, 1991-92

1 Crown Court, Cheapside, London EC2

3m high, 4m wide. Large External screen, gate, 2 address plates and emblem. Designs have a strong art deco feel and also use heraldic devices and gilding and follow through on the theme of crowns. (Civic Trust award for scheme)

From St. Paul’s tube station, into Cheapside to No. 1 Crown Court

Entrance screen and address plates can be seen from Cheapside

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Railings and figure of Koko, 1992

The Savoy Theatre, The Strand, London

Railings and gate in mild and stainless steel were part of the theatre’s restoration programme - Art deco style. Figure of Koko in roughly three quarter relief, forged, welded, riveted mild steel.

From Aldwych tube station, proceed west along The Strand

Railings accessible at all times. Figure of Koko is in the upper circle bar and only accessible during theatre opening times.

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Bishop Fox’s Community School Gates, 1993

Bishop Fox Drive, Taunton, Somerset

1.3m high, 10m wide. School entrance gates with side pedestrian gates - fabricated and forged with gilded detail and finials reminiscent of bishop’s mitres.

Bishop Fox Drive is situated on the southern side of Taunton off B3170 past Richard Huish College.

Accessible at all times

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

Snowhill Station Door Grilles, 1993

Three Birmingham Light Railway Stations, Galton Bridge, Jewellery Quarter, The Hawthorns.

3m high, 3m wide. Entrance gates to new ticket offices.

All three stations are in Birmingham area. See Light Railway map.

Work accessible at all times

Horrobin, James (designer) made by designer

75 Anniversary Garden Arch, 1995-96

Wigmores North, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

7m high, 5m dia. Arched canopy on tree poles. Forged and fabricated mild steel with gilded buds.

Opposite John Lewis department store on Wigmores North, Welwyn Garden City.

Accessible at all times

Johnson, Phil (designer) made by designer

Cockalorum, 1991

Sandeman House, 55 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

1.8m high. Large comical sculpture of cockerel in forged stainless steel and copper.

Situated in private garden of Sandeman House behind Netherbow Centre, High Street, Edinburgh. Go down Trunks Close which opens onto Sandeman House Garden.

Accessible only in normal business hours.

Johnson, Phil (designer) made by designer

Mustard and Cress Gate, 1991

Aberdeen Art Gallery, School Hill, Aberdeen, Scotland

1.9m high, 1m wide. Garden gate design based on the growing forms of mustard and cress. Forged and riveted mild steel

Aberdeen Art Gallery is walking distance from the City centre, follow signs.

Gallery open 10am to 5pm no charge.

Johnson, Phil (designer) made by designer

Honeysuckle Sculpture, 1992

Corner of Market Street and Jeffery Street, Edinburgh.

0.9m high, 0.5m dia. Stylised Honeysuckle fitted to top of stone pillar - the stamens move in the breeze. Forged mild steel.

From Waverley Station, take Market Street exit, turn left onto Market Street, under North Bridge, Jeffery Street is on right hand side, sculpture on the corner.

Accessible at all times.

Johnson, Phil. Hunter, Jois (designers) made by Johnson, Phil

Feature metalwork, 1995

Montgomery Street, East Kilbride Village, Lanarkshire.

Landscape improvement scheme - Seating, tree guards, cast iron tree grilles.

East Kilbride is situated on the A726 south east of Glasgow.

Always accessible

Johnson, Phil. Hunter, Jois (designers) made by Johnson, Phil

Abbot House feature metalwork, 1994-95

Abbot House, Dunfermline Heritage Centre, Maygate, Dunfermline.

Interior and exterior metalwork - Designs based on history of Abbot House and poems by Robert Henryson. Pedestrian gate folding back onto central column, forged animals relate to Henryson fable "The trial of the fox". Entrance sign, interior and exterior window grilles, balustrades, pergola, floral sculptures, interior handrails. Saltire Society Award. Arts and Crafts in Architecture 1998.

From Edinburgh take M90 over Forth Road Bridge and head for Dunfermline. Signposted by brown heritage signs. In Dunfermline centre Abbot House is situated between the High Street and Dunfermline Abbey.

Heritage Centre open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm. Free admission to ground floor, 3 to the rest of the house.

Johnson, Phil. Hunter, Jois (designers) made by Johnson, Phil

Tower Place feature metalwork, 1994-95

Queen’s Quay, Tower Place, Leith, Edinburgh

Four Wind Pedestrian Screens, Two central pivoting screens each 4.5 metres wide, Jardiniere de la Mer, main sculpture 2.5 metres high. 4 Dragonfly benches, tree guards, railings, planters, bollards, lighthouse.

Winner of environmental regeneration award 1995. Highly Commended, Saltire Society Award. Arts and Crafts in Architecture 1998.

From Edinburgh City Centre head down Leith Walk onto Constitution Street, turn left into Bernard Street, turn right into The Shore which leads into Tower Place.

Always accessible.

Johnson, Phil. Hunter, Jois (designers) made by Johnson, Phil

The Wind Vane Family, 1995

Boulevard Roundabout, Livingston, Scotland

12m high. Five sculptural towers with wind sensitive kinetic sculptures at top. Erected on grass mound. Abstract images applied to the surface of each tower depicting fossils, botany, mining, people and electronics. Cor-ten steel, stainless steel and titanium.

Boulevard Roundabout, Livingston. Walking distance from the bus station. South end of Almondvale town centre.

Always accessible

Johnson, Shona. Hunter, Jois (designers) made by Johnson, Shona

Six cycle pass installations along cycle route, 1995

Siddick-Broughton Cylcle route, Workington, Cumbria

Cycle pass installation comprising of Wheelchair access, Disabled gate, Vehicle access gate, and Sculptural elements. Design based on railway tracks, iron ore shunting lines, and local place names. Mild steel, galvanised and T-washed.

Take A66 to Workington. By bicycle or on foot from town centre. Onto footpath over River Derwent - onto cycle route, cycle pass installations are along the way.

Always accessible.

Knowles, Craig, (metalwork) Wilbourn Colin, Fisher Karl, (stonework) Brenchley Chaz (text)

Watching & Waiting. 1995.

A collaborative piece by four artists including stone, steel, text and Braille. Sited on what is known locally as look out hill, this picnic scene includes a basket, folding stool, and a telescope. The clues as to what has happened here, are within the text that is etched into the steel book.

In the Roker area of Sunderland.Head for Roker beach. Off Dame Dorothy St. Top of Sand point Rd.

Always accessible. (There are more pieces of Craig’s work closeby, plus Sundreland’s excellent glass museum)

Knowles Craig

Paddle gate, 1996

North Dock, Roker, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.

Height 4m. Gate constructed using channel, angle and R.S.J. riveted. Reflecting of the use of the dock area.

In the Roker area of Sunderland. Head for Roker beach, then off Harbour view road. Parking at the Marine Activities Centre.

Always accessible. (There are more pieces of Craig’s work closeby, plus Sundreland’s excellent glass museum)

Knowles, Craig.

Taking Flight 1997

Finger Jetty, North Dock, Roker, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

Height 5m. A series of five RSJs that change and grow from an industrial beam into a cormorant taking flight. A sculpture that shows the change and regeneration of that area of Sunderland.

In the Roker area of Sunderland Head for Roker beach then off Harbour view road .Parking at the Marine Activities Centre.

Always accessible. (There are more pieces of Craig’s work closeby, plus Sundreland’s excellent glass museum)

Knowles, Craig, (metalwork) Wilbourn Colin, Fisher Karl, (stonework) Brenchley Chaz (text)

Shadows in another light. 1998

Manor Quay area of Sunderland.

A collaborative piece from four artists. Includes an optical illusion one hundred meters long, which is viewed through a telescope. Large concrete rivets, steel nut and wooden bolt are scattered along the footpath. A steel tree ten meters high stands on an old mooring, a remnant from the shipyards. The tree is built from angle iron and is constructed like a shipyard crane.At the base of the tree are concrete plaques produced by local blind and partially sited people. The sculpture is about the hammerhead crane that once dominated this area of Sunderland.

In the Manor Quay area of Sunderland, on the riverside footpath. Close to and west of the St Peters campus of Sunderland University.

Always accessible. (There are more pieces of Craig’s work closeby, plus Sundreland’s excellent glass museum)

Lunn, Stephen (designer) made by designer

Railings 1992

Royal Quays, North Shields, Northumberland

2m high, 4m wide. Two sets of forged railing panels to act like pictures in new housing estate. Centre section - sculptural forged shapes holding side panels of leaf work flowing outwards and attached to wall by spreading branches. Try and count the beetles - there could be a prize for the right number.

2 miles east of Newcastle. Southbound on A19 go through Tyne tunnel, follow signs for Wet and Wild swimming pool, go past pool, next new housing estate on right before North Shields.

Always accessible

Lunn, Stephen (designer) made by designer

Post and Gates for private house 1995

Warkworth, Alnwick, Northumberland

2m high, 6 metres wide. House gates and posts with ivy leaf work.

On A 1068 25 miles north of Newcastle. In Warkworth, from the Castle go down Main Street mile, turn right before crossing bridge, second house on left along river.

Always accessible from road.

Lunn, Stephen (designer) made by designer

Two sign brackets, 1995

Warkworth, Alnwick, Northumberland

1. Ivy leaves with medieval form.

2. "Autumn Berries" Hawthorn, sweet chestnuts, hazel nuts, blackberries and rose hips - leaves and berries forming bracket.

On A 1068 25 miles north of Newcastle. In Warkworth, on Main Street below Castle. Walk down Main Street, on the left side above craft shop.

Always accessible

Lunn, Stephen (designer) made by designer

Boat Seat, 1995

Next to New Road by harbour in North Blyth, Northumberland.

7m high, 4.5m long, 2m wide. Bow of a boat off-set with seats on inside of one half and on the outside of the other half forming a kissing seat. Complete with funnel, mast, port holes and picture carved in 20mm plate. Representing steam ships carrying coal.

North on A189 out of Newcastle, go past turn off for Blyth. Turn off for Cambois, past power station, turn right down New Road, seat is at the Harbour.

Always accessible

Lunn, Stephen (designer) made by designer

Seats 1998

Alnwick Market Place, Alnwick, Northumberland.

3 Sculptural seats representing past, present and future of mediaeval market square. The Past, represented by bull baiting stone and cobble sets inserted into steel forming seating. The Present, market stall seat full of forged fruit and vegetables forming a workbench for an imaginary stall holder. The Future, an all iron seat, ton of forged iron to form picture end panels.

Alnwick is 30 miles north of Newcastle, 2 miles from the A1. The market place is in the centre of Alnwick, before Alnwick Castle.

Always accessible.

Malleson, Mike (designer) made by designer

Security Gate, 1992

The Castle House, Long Street, Sherborne, Dorset.

2.5m high, 2.5m wide. A fabricated framework with 3 deep rails, top, centre and bottom; forged vertical bars, each one riveted to each rail with 2 rivets. Hung within an archway, the gate secures the courtyard of the former Castle Inn.

The Castle House is on the South side of Long Street, 50 yards from the bottom of Cheap Street and the Parade.

Accessible at all times.

Malleson, Mike (designer) made by designer

Gates and railings, 1992

Kingdon's Yard, Parchment Street, Winchester, Hampshire.

2m high, 10m long. Many forged and punched vertical bars, with round rails running through the punchings, form the gates and railings that enclose a new office development.

Parchment Street runs between St.George's Street and North Walls. Kingdon's Yard is approximately 100 yards from St.George's Street, on the left hand side.

Accessible at all times.

Malleson, Mike (designer) made by designer

Security Gates, 1994.

The Gryphon School, Bristol Road, Sherborne, Dorset.

2.5m high by 4m wide. Square and flat section frames with a double staggered-line centre frieze- above the frieze are 16 picture panels, which illustrate the life and work of the school. These panels were designed in collaboration with A-level art students.

The Gryphon School and Leisure Centre is on the B3145 on the Northern edge of Sherborne. Turn in immediately before the derestriction sign. The gates hang within an arch to the right of the entrance to the Leisure Centre.

Accessible during school hours and normally 9am to 6pm, when the Leisure Centre is open.

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

"The Family" 1996

TownCentre, Ashton under Lyne, Manchester

3.5m high fabricated steel sculpture depicting a family group made up of father, mother and child.

Adjacent to the Market Hall in the centre of Ashton. (300 metres from "Glory of the Garden" by same artist.)

Always accessible

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

"Glory of the Garden" 1995

Radcliffe Freedom Gardens, Ashton under Lyne, Manchester.

3.5 metre high sculpture of large growth of flowers, based on poetry by Rudyard Kipling. Forged steel.

Centre of Ashton, close to public swimming pool (300 metres from "The Family" by the same artist).

Always accessible

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

Water Gates, Worcester Cathedral, 1996

3.5m high gates and overthrow, depicting the Bishop of Worcester’s coat of arms.

On the bank of the River Severn below the Cathedral

Always accessible from Cathedral or towpath of river.

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

Wind vanes, 1997

Weoley Castle Nursery School, Weoley Castle, Birmingham.

A group of three sculptural windvanes in the children’s playground approx 5 metres high.

The Nursery is on the lowest side of the large roundabout at the centre of Weoley Castle which is off the A38 on the south west side of Birmingham.

Easily seen through the fence of the nursery beside the road.

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

Entrance sculpture "Up and Away" 2000

Wolverhampton Business Airport (was known as Halfpenny green Airport), Bobbington, Stourbridge, DY7 5DY

5 metre high fabricated sculpture. Three large "swooshes" that are abstract descriptions of planes in flight.

Location address - always accessible.

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

Grosvenor Museum Gates, Chester, 2000

2.5 metres high gates with arch.

The gates are made from plate and round bars with roundels that describe the main features of the museum.

The gates are at the side entrance to the museum in Bunce Street. Follow signs to Grosvenor Museum in Chester City Centre.

Always accessible on outside.

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

"Flying Geese" 1999

Safeway Island, Belper, Derbyshire.

5 metre high sculpture featuring the flight of geese, mounted on a plinth that has motifs on it that describe features of Belper’s industrial history.

On roundabout on the A6 in Belper

Always accessible

Margetts, Paul (designer), made by designer

History Post, 1998

Stirchley, Telford, Shropshire

4.2m high, 1.5m wide

A fabricated framework supporting 4 steel plates. Each square plate has shapes profile cut that depict an element of the history of Stirchley. The themes described include steel forging, the area’s agriculture, the local industry and coal mining.

In the south east of the Telford area leave the A442 at the Stirchley Interchange, and take Stirchley Avenue off the roundabout. Proceed for 1 mile, the sculpture is on the left at the junction with Randlay Avenue.

Always accessible to the public.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

"People’s Orrery", 1994

Croydon Town Hall and Public Library

2.5m high, 2.5m wide. 10p operated mechanical sculpture. 14 separate movements including "man brushing his teeth" and "walking shoes" etc.

Croydon Town Centre on Katherine Street.

Open in normal library hours.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

"Siege Balcony", 1995

Caerphilly Tourist Information Centre.

1.4m high, 20m long. Balcony railings consisting of 400 laser cut arrows in flight, representing the arrows used in the siege of the 13 century castle.

Directly opposite the Castle on the High Street side.

Always accessible.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

"History of the World", 1995

Croydon Lifetimes Museum, Croydon Town Hall.

2.5m high, 3.5m wide. A wall piece depicting the history of the world up to 1830. Contains numerous artefacts found locally and "automata" windows.

The museum is in Croydon Town Hall on Katherine Street in the town centre.

Open in office hours.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

Weathervane, 1996

High Street, Grays, Thurrock, Essex.

4m high. Based on Saxon translation of Thurrock: "bottom of the boat where water collects". The boat moves on bearings as the wind blows.

Viewed from High Street at the end of Clarence Road in Grays town centre.

Always accessible.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

Fishnet, 1996

Goodwick Parog, Goodwick Bay, Fishguard, Pembrookshire

4.5m high, 1.4m wide. Heavy forged steel sculpture of dragnet with fish.

Next to roundabout leading to Stena Ferry Terminal in Fishguard

Always accessible.

Mills, Jon (designer), made by designer

Fossil Fence, 1996

Madingley Road Park and Ride Centre, Cambridge

1.2m high, 30m long. Profile cut steel railings.

Take Jnct 13 off M11. Follow the signs for Madingley Road Park and Ride.

Not accessible on Sundays.

Oberon, Peat (designer) made by designer

Street seating 1990

Stockton-on-Tees High Street (North end)

Art nouveau design. Backs of seats based on nearby Gothic water fountain frieze. Ends profile cut and ground 3-D. Ergonomically designed for comfort.

Central Stockton-on-Tees

Always accessible

Stringer A (designer), made by Oberon, Peat

Railings 1992

100 Russell Street, Middlesborough

2m high, 110m long. Railing panels made of flat vertical bars with evenly spaced twists creating patterns that change from positive to negative as you walk by. Gates with similar pattern.

From A19 take A66 into Middlesborough, leave at third exit, under A66, first exit to traffic lights, Marton Road, 2nd right Grange Road, take first right, first left is Russell Street.

Accessible at all times

Oberon, Peat (designer), made by designer

Fearnhead Railings, 1994

Fearnhead Estate, Coulby Newham, East Middlesborough

Railings set into brick walls all around estate. Design based on springtime ferns with tight scrolls at ends of organically flowing curves.

A19 south of Middlesborough, A174 east, leave at A172 Stokesley turn right. Straight across first roundabout, turn right at Newby sign, follow main road Fulford Way to roundabout, turn left and first left is Fearnhead.

Accessible at all times

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Internal window grilles, 1987

The crafts gallery of the Portsmouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Museum Road, Portsmouth.

2.4m high, 1.2m wide. Four internal security grilles to meet insurance specifications for ground floor crafts gallery development.

Museum Road in Portsmouth’s Old Town is well sign posted.

Open daily - small admission charge.

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by Quinnell, Richard

Ivegate Archway, 1988

Junction of Ivegate with Market Street, Bradford, Yorkshire.

8.5m high, 11m wide. Forged and fabricated mild steel structure marking the edge of the pedestrianised city centre. The arch carries thirty forged steel images of local significance.

Very close to the City Hall in the centre of Bradford.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Mixed metal mobile, 1990

Russel Coates Museum, East Cliffe, Bournemouth, Dorset.

4.0m diameter. Mobile comprising of 14 metal images derived from pieces in the museum collection. Each image is approx 600mm diameter in patinated brass, copper, gilding metal, mild and stainless steel.

Very close to Town Pier on East Cliffe Coast Road.

Open daily with small admission charge.

Parkinson, Peter (designer), R Quinnell (maker)

Triumphal Gateway, 1992

New Street end of London Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

8.5m high, 8.5m wide. Fabricated and forged steel structure carrying sixteen low relief cast bronze panels depicting images of local significance.

Close to the Old Town Centre of Basingstoke, 2 minutes walk from the market place, opposite side of the road to the Civic Offices.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer), R Quinnell (maker)

The History Tree, 1993

Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

6.5m high, 3.2m diameter. One of several public art pieces in Marlowes. Tree-like tubular steel structure carrying pierced steel plates depicting images of local historical significance.

Marlowes is the main shopping street in Hemel Hempstead town centre.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Cornmarket Arch, 1994

The Cornmarket, Derby.

7.6m high, 5.4m wide. Fabricated tubular steel structure with forged steel decorative side panels carrying motifs derived from the wealth of architectural decoration within the Cornmarket Street.

In Derby City Centre at junction of Cornmarket with Victoria and Albert Street.

Always accessible.

Parkinson, Peter (designer), Shepley Lillyhall Ltd (maker)

Cantilever Arch, 1995

Linthorpe Road, Middlesborough, Cleveland

9m high, 7m wide, A public art piece to celebrate the steel-making and ship-building heritage of the town. The structure is made essentially from rolled steel sections which were rolled a quarter of a mile from the site. Features an integral fibre-optic lighting system.

At juntion of Linthorpe road (the main shopping street) and Wilson Street, just off A66 flyover in Middlesborough.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Treasury Gates, 1995

Guildford Cathedral, Guildford, Surrey.

2.1m high, 1 metre wide. Small pair of forged steel gates with gilded decoration to provide security to the new Treasury. The design attempts to echo the art deco style of other metal-work and uses mortise and tenon joints, collars and other visible construction details to suggest strength and security.

Follow signs for the Cathedral off the A3 in Guildford.

Usually open daily

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Sundial Sculpture, 1995

BBC South Building, Havelock Rd, Southampton, Hampshire.

2m high,2m wide, 1.2m deep. Forged and fabricated steel sundial with titanium scale.

Situated to the left of the entrance steps at the front of the building. Havelock Road skirts the Civic Centre building at the end of the A33.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer), R Quinnell (maker)

Three tree sculptures, 1996/97/98

Greenbank Business Park, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Each made of steel tube uprights carrying mirror finished stainless steel "leaf" panels. The stainless steel panels reflect passers by and the changing colours of the sky. The tree imagery symbolises the rebirth of a derelict site, while the use of stainless steel is a reference to the high technology industries moving into the site.

5.5m high 1996, in the small park just off Blakewater Road at the centre of the site.

7.6m high, 1997 situated on the roundabout on Philips Road at the Blakewater Road turn off into the Greenbank site.

9.5m high, 1998, situated on a mound at the south side of Whitebirk Drive, at the Whitebirk Road turn off into the Greenbank site. Whitebirk Drive leads directly off the roundabout at junction 6 of the M65.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Flower and card stands, 1997

Children’s Chapel in Guildford Cathedral

Two stands forged from 40mm round bar, each 1.4m high carrying patinated copper flower vases and spiral clips for dedication cards. The structure of each stand symbolises a parent holding children.

Follow signs for the Cathedral off the A3 in Guildford.

Usually open daily.

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Market Column 1997

Cheapside, Leicester.

5.2m high. Forged and fabricated steel column structure, comprising letter forms, plants and animals, symbolising the products sold in the market.

Situated at the corner of Cheapside where the High Street becomes East Gates, which is the main approach to the Market Place from the north side.

Always accessible

Parkinson, Peter (designer) made by designer

Car park boundary fence, stair balustrades and door furniture, 1998.

National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, 443-445 Holloway Rd, London N7.

A 40 metre barrier fence around the car park at the front of the building. The fence comprises massive inverted "U" tube posts, supporting panels made largely from 100mm flat bar. The inverted "U" is an echo of the arched facade of the Victorian building, while the "blown over" corners of the flat fence uprights represent the dog-eared corners of a script. The external staircase balustrades and the door handles at the front of the building use the same motifs.

Fronting Holloway Road, just north of the junction with Tufnell Park Road, between Holloway Road and Archway tube stations.

Always accessible.

Petersen, David (designer), made by designer

Coal, steel and water, 1988

In the foyer, South Glamorgan County Council Headquarters Building, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff.

8m high,2.5m wide. Inspired by South Glamorgan’s history of coal, steel, and water. Spikes on top symbolise the masts on ships in Cardiff docks, the ribbon effect at the bottom suggests the mast’s reflection in the water. The large middle area represents coal trucks waiting to be unloaded in the marshalling yards and is also suggestive of wooden gunwales on old ships. The sculpture is on the exact site of the old marshalling yards.

Take junction33 off M4 then A4232 to Cardiff Bay then A470

Accessible in office hours only.

Pettit, David (designer), made by BABA Members

FIFI Sundial, 1989

Bute Park, Cardiff

2m high, 2.5m wide, 2.5m deep. Represents a garden and sundial actually undertaken at public forging stations in the centre of Cardiff during August 1989 by approx 400 blacksmiths during the First International Festival of Iron. It functions as a sundial telling the time in Cardiff as well as in Cardiff’s twin city in China, Xiamin.

In the gardens adjacent to Cardiff Castle in the City Centre.

Open daily

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

"The Fire Imp" 1974

The Restuarant, The Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kennsington, London

Approx 1 metre high. Forged in mild steel with bronze applied. "This was the first piece of contemporary forged steelwork that the V&A exhibited since Edgar Brandt, I made it when I was teaching myself the craft. I am by nature drawn to the medieval times and wanted to use ornamental collars to hold the forged bars together in the way that the smith would have done in those days. The general form of the piece owes much to the period of Art Nouveau which I had recently discovered. Silicon bronze is welded onto the bars as I was trying out mixing steel and bronze for the colour and ornament."

Victoria and Albert Museum is signposted from South Kensington tube station.

Only accessible during museum opening times (admission charge)

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

Stainless steel gates and grilles. 1981-83

The Great Hall, Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire.

6 metres high. 2 large pairs of gates and grilles within the Great Hall. "As far as can be ascertained these gates were the first such work in forged (over 60% by hand) stainless steel in the world. The gates and grilles were made to commemorate the royal wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Their design and construction exploit the superior strength of the material and they are considered to be one of the most important forged works of the twentieth century. I received the silver medal and diploma from the WCB".

The Castle is prominent in the city adjacent to the Law Courts. Follow signs for City Centre from M3 or A34, and use nearby car parks. Railway Station is a short walk from The Castle.

Open daily 10-5 except Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

"Eternity Gates" 1983

Dudmaston Hall, Quatt, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

3metres wide, 2.5 metres high. The gates are freely forged in mild steel, finished in graphite paint with gilding applied to small details. "The gates commemorate the ruby wedding anniversary of Sir George and Lady Labouchere. Lady Labouchere had a great love of her gardens and owned a wonderful collection of flower water colours. Sir George had built up the best collection of Twentieth Century painting and sculpture in private ownership in the country, therefore I wished to make the gates as a symbolic sculpture. They show the garden in the upper work and in the tree-like back styles. The concentric lines of the main structure symbolise the Universe created by God. The gilded circular aperture at the top centre of the closed gates symbolises our journey from this life to the next when we die. As with much of my work there are more things to think about than can be seen at first glance".

Dudmaston Hall is approx 1 mile NW of Quatt on the A442 between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.

Dudmaston Hall is a National Trust property and is only open on afternoons on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1 April to 30 Sept check first on 01746 780866

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

Votive candle stand at St Swithun’s Shrine. 1986

Winchester Cathedral, South Aisle of the Retro Choir, St Swithun’s Shrine.

3.5 metres high. The candle stand is forged in mild steel in the manner of the mediaeval smiths but with a 20 century sense of form. It carries a small bronze statue of Bishop Swithun.

The Cathedral is centrally located in Winchester. Follow signs for City Centre from M3 or A34, and use nearby car parks. Railway Station in Winchester.

Open daily. Visitors are asked to make a donation for Cathedral upkeep.

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

Windvanes and Door handles, Swan Theatre. 1986

The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

Windvanes, 3 metres high by 3 metres long from 316 stainless steel.

Door handles, 600mm high, forged hollow from stainless steel sheet.

In Stratford, (park as close to the Centre as possible) the Swan Theatre is to the rear of the RSC Memorial Theatre. The door handles are on the glass entrance doors facing the river gardens. The vanes are on the roof.

The door handles are accessible when the theatre river gardens are open.

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

"Our Lady Queen of Peace" 1989

Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire.

3 metres high. "The figure of Our Lady Queen of Peace is made from 316 stainless steel 2mm sheet. It is a symbol of The Mother of God, the One to whom we pray who will intercede on our behalf to Jesus to grant us World peace. The figure stands on a pyramid of scrap steel within which the serpent Satan writhes. The eye of the serpent is pierced by the foot of the Virgin Mary. "I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." (Genesis 3v15). The scrap steel symbolises the way Satan corrupts people, and the pyramid form states that his evil work is carried out with relentless force. The stainless steel of the figure symbolises the purity and perfection of Our Lady, the Mother of God".

M5 Motorway jnct 9 take A438 to centre of Tewkesbury. The sculpture is sited at the rear of the High Altar reredos.

Open daily, donations appreciated for Abbey upkeep.

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

The Coalbrookdale Sculpture. 1992

Dudmaston Hall, Quatt, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire. (Might be re-located in the Museum of Iron in Ironbridge).

4 metres high. "The sculpture is forged from fibrous wrought iron from the Old Leicester Market Hall and the first rollings of the rebuilt Coalbrookdale Works (museum). Also includes a hammer from an old Oliver from one of the last forges in Rowley Regis in the Black Country. MIG welded with cor-ten wire. It symbolises the old history of Coalbrookdale and the role the site plays today as a museum".

Dudmaston Hall is approx 1 mile NW of Quatt on the A442 between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.

Dudmaston Hall is a National Trust property and is only open afternoons on Wednesdays and Sundays from 1 April to 30 Sept check first on 01746780866

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

The Crest Sculpture, 1994

Thames House (MI5 Building), Millbank, London

2 metres high, 1.5 metres wide, 1 metre deep. "The sculpture is forged from 316 stainless steel, and is how I see the principles of Monarchy Government and the Armed Forces - In fact the system by which we in GB live, but it is necessarily an ideal representation of the heraldic symbols of the MI5 crest."

Thames House is adjacent to Lambeth Bridge, North side of the river. Proceed west from the Houses of Parliament to the first roundabout at the bridge. Thames House entrance is up the steps and through the glass doors. The sculpture is on the left of the foyer.

Accessible during office hours only, but ask permission from security in foyer!

Robinson, Antony (designer) made by designer

The Longship Screens, 1995

The Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Ipswich, Suffolk.

2.5 metres high, widths are 3 metres, 2.5 metres and 1.5 metres. "The screens show the ancient history of Suffolk in the Longships which came from North Eastern Europe. The stainless steel head is in shallow relief of the Sutton Hoo helmet. The small screen is a visual pun on the original cattle market.

The Bus station is in the centre of the old town, Ipswich.

Always accessible

Russell, Brian (designer) made by designer

Gates and figures, 1986-89

Wycliffe Hall, Wycliffe, County Durham.

3m high, 3.5m wide. The gate design is taken from a traditional RDC design catalogue. The gates were made first and the rampant figures were added two years later. The design of the figures was inspired by the family coat of arms.

Leave the A1 at Scotch Corner and take the A66 west. Turn right through Hutton Magna and on to Wycliffe.

Always accessible from the outside of private property.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Town Hall Gates,1991

Market Place, Bishop Auckland.

5m high, 3m wide. Two large single gates each weighing 500kg with fixed panels in the arches. "My one and only ‘percent for art’ job and the beginning of my public work."

Leave A1 at junction 59 or 60 and follow signs for Bishop Auckland Town Centre.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Reef Knot Bollards, 1994

Stockton High Street.

2m high. Two pairs of knotted sculptures to mark the position of back streets or "wynds". Formed from 65mm dia they weigh approx 500kg each.

In Stockton town centre off the A66.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Railings and seats, 1994.

Cockermouth Greenway (Cycle way), Cockermouth, Cumbria

1.8m high, 13m long. Once a railway bridge over the river valley - now a cycle way. The concrete parapet was taken down and replaced by the railings, and it is now possible to look down to the river and woodlands. The flower in the design is flax or linum, the plant that provides the raw material for linen for which the area was once famous.. Each vertical is forged from 120x15 flat.

Turn off the A66 into Cockermouth. The cycle way begins next to the Fire Station.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Entrance Gates, 1995

Aldburough St. John, Darlington, County Durham.

3m high, 3m wide. Traditionally forged pair of entrance gates. The lion and dove emblem taken from the family coat of arms. The ancient gate piers fell over when the new gates were hung and had to be rebuilt!

Turn off A1 at junction 56 and head for Pierce bridge. Take the second road on the left. Turn left when you reach the village green, the gates are on the left.

Always accessible from the outside of private property.

Russell, Brian (organiser), made in collaboration with BABA members

Gates, 1995

Thompson Park, Southwick, Sunderland.

3m high, 4m wide. Design created by local people orchestrated by public arts officer. Made (largely) in a week-end by about 40 blacksmiths at a BABA forge-in.

Head north out of Sunderland on the A1018. Turn left at Mill Garages traffic lights, the gates are on the left.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer and Peter Hill

Gates, 1996

Ennerdale cycleway Whitehaven.

3m high, 4m wide. Two large pairs of forged gates consisting of football and rugby ball shapes and a row of flags along the top to reflect the games played on the adjacent sports field. The gates were fitted into a frame in the workshop and the whole assembly lowered into a trough on site.

Just off the A595 leading into Whitehaven. On Ennerdale cycle way as it leaves Whitehaven, beside the rugby and football ground.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Window grilles, gates and railings, 1996.

Lincoln Central Library.

A lot of hole punching and forge welding. "Thousands of components - a good job to keep warm through the winter". The design attempts to link the gothic medieval adjacent building with the very angular new library.

In Broadgate, Lincoln.

Always accessible.

Russell, Brian (designer), made by designer

Woodlands Railings, 1996

Millbank Road, Darlington, County Durham.

1.3m high, 6m long. Railings on an organic theme at the entrance to new housing estate called "The Woodlands". The centre panel subtly spells out the name, but you have to look for it. The client asked for a bird and a squirrel to be thrown in for the price. All of the oak leaves are separately forged from 40x10 and forge welded onto the stems. "The Woodlands site now includes many other pieces of our metalwork, each house has an individual finial, and there is an interesting pedestrian gate on the Woodlands Road boundary - more work still to be made (march 1999)."

From Darlington Town centre head out of town on the A68 (Woodlands Rd), Turn left at the second set of traffic lights on to Millbank Road. The railings are 400 metres on the right.

Always accessible


Strawbridge, Jane (designer), made by designer

Meadowlands Gates, 1994.

Meadows at Woylandswaine, near Barnsley, Yorkshire.

2m high, 4m wide. Two double gates as entrance to site of special scientific interest. Designed from drawings by local school-children, encapsulating the natural delicate elements in the meadows, drawn together to form a strong structure.

M1 Jnct 37 (towards Manchester) Take A628 through Dodworth, through Silkstone. Half way up Woylandswaine Hill on right.

Always accessible.


Topp, Chris (designer), made by designer

Redcar Railings, 1994

Redcar Seafront, Redcar, Cleveland.

1m high, 250m long. Seaside sculptural railings including 23 giant coloured picture postcards in low relief. All forged in puddled wrought iron. Can you solve the riddle?

North end of seafront, Redcar, Cleveland.

Always accessible

Tsz-Wing, Wu (designer), made by designer

Entrance Feature 1995

Comfrey Manor, Coulby Newham, West Middlesborough

3m high, 6m long. Two forged stems of 75mm dia. at base piercing several heavily forged and formed plates positioned at varying angles suggested by comfrey flowers. Lattice work undulating away from tower form.

A19 south of Middlesborough, A174 east, leave at B1365, to Coulby Newham. Turn left at second roundabout. Turn right at second roundabout, right at first roundabout, travel 0.8 mile, turn right at roundabout, 0.4 mile to Comfrey.

Always accessible.

Wilson, Avril (designer), made by designer

Banbury Spandrels, 1993

High Street, Banbury Town Centre, Oxfordshire.

A series of forged steel, cast aluminium and gold leaf spandrels. They celebrate Banbury as an important market town. Imagery includes a golden sun (Banbury's motif) and cast sheep, pigs, crops and ironmongery tools.

Jnct 11 off the M40. On the High Street, Banbury Town Centre.

Always accessible

Wilson, Avril (designer), made by designer

Sculptural Gateway, 1995

The Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre, The Common, Southampton, Hampshire.

Large gates made from steel, copper and gold leaf - with detailed theme based on the park wildlife. To be discovered within the gates are seed pods, falling seeds, a fox, a bird, a butterfly and much more.

Off The Avenue (A33), Southampton.

Accessible at all times. No charge. For more information contact 01703 671921.


Interesting Places to visit:

The John Every Collection of Ironwork,

Ann of Cleeves House, Southover High Street, Lewes Sussex

Victoria and Albert Museum, metalwork gallery.

Victoria and Albert Museum, Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London

Excellent display of forged metalwork from middle-ages to Albert Paley.

Victoria and Albert Museum is signposted from South Kensington tube station.

Only accessible during museum opening times (5 admission charge) metalwork gallery is not always open - advise checking with museum before visit.


No responsibility for the accuracy of the information set out is accepted by the editor. It is impossible to visit each site and check details, should you find any information that is inaccurate or misleading please e-mail me the corrections.


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