The Good Metal-Work Guide

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"The Good Metal-Work Guide" is a list of some of the best pieces of contemporary British metal-work and sculpture. The guide, although principally involved with the work of artist blacksmiths, is not exclusively for forged work nor does it list only the work of members of the British Artist Blacksmith Association (BABA) although without their co-operation and enthusiasm this list could not have been compiled. Welded sculpture and innovative fabrication will also be listed, however only work produced since 1975 will be included. Sites that relate to metalwork are also listed such as museums and galleries.

This guide is presently still being compiled but in order to allow people to take advantage of the information that has been submitted so far, I have decided to publish this draft version.

It is recommend that information is searched from the page by pressing Ctrl+f in Microsoft Explorer. In this way you will either be able to search the list by the makers name or by the area which you are visiting.

I hope that this guide helps you to discover some of Britain's wonderful contemporary metal-work. This information is offered freely - as a small repayment please help make the guide better by adding more entries and letting me know of mistakes - this will benefit us all. Please enjoy!

Many thanks,

Paul Margetts

No responsibility for the accuracy of the information set out is accepted by the editor. It is impossible to visit each site and check details, should you find any information that is inaccurate or misleading please e-mail me the corrections.

Click here to download the Good Metal-Work Guide


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