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Garden sculpture, water features, ornament, bridges, wind and weather vanes, fountains, landscape art
Garden Sculpture 1
Original metal sculpture for gardens of all sizes. All of these pieces are designed, and manufactured by Paul Margetts. All exterior work is weather-proofed with a zinc treatment and painted as required. The following photos should give the viewer an idea of the range of work undertaken by Paul Margetts. Designing sculpture for specific locations is a feature of the versatility of our work. If you require ideas for your landscape project please get in touch.
More Garden Sculpture

Sculpture for gardens a figurative statue


"Togetherness" Garden Sculpture
This sculpture describes an intimate couple or a loving family group.
It can be made with two, three or four figures.
 Height approx 1200mm - Weight approx 50kg


garden sculpture, swan sculpture, flying geese sculpture, garden art, bird sculpture, metal bird art, garden ornaments, sculpture of bird

Flying Geese Sculpture
Made in various sizes from 800mm high to 4 metres high - (prices from

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Art for gardens, figurative sculpture, family group sculpture

garden sculpture in metal of a family, figurative abstract sculpture

"The Family" Garden Sculpture
This sculpture describes a family group. It can be made with three or four or five figures. This type of sculpture is often chosen by clients wishing to celebrate their family.
Finished in graphite black of silver.
 Height approx 1200mm - Weight approx 40 to 60kg



"Hope and Inspiration" Sculpture

1450mm high. Forged steel.


contempoarary mobile sculpture for a garden

Garden mobile

These mobiles are beautifully balanced and rotate gracefully in the wind. Can be made to free stand on a plinth or on an adjustable frame to be set within planting. Approx 1.7 metres horizontally  from tip to tip in the lower photo. Approx 1.2 metres high. Largest sphere 100mm diameter. The two photographs are of the same mobile in different poses.

Please click here to see a video of the mobile moving


mobile sculpture for a garden kinetic art


garden art and sculpture for landscapes

"Watching" Sculpture 2.9 metres high.
Mild steel, galvanised for weather protection and finished in a graphite black paint. Suitable for siting in a garden or landscape. Ragley
Hall, Warks.


sculpture of flying heron
exterior sculpture of flying bird, garden ornament

Heron Sculpture

650mm high, forged steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection.
Can be made 1 metre high for larger gardens.


sculpture for gardens, exterior art, modern contemporary art for outside

garden sculpture in metal for contemporary landscape

"Lotus" Garden Sculpture
1600mm high
Finished in either silver or graphite black paint.
Designed to stand on a plinth approx 300-500mm high

exterior sculpture and water feature, garden sculpture and art for outside


Love sculpture for gardens, lovers sculpture

Garden sculptures lovers, garden art, metal sculpture love, love sculpture



An abstract sculpture describing two figures
920mm high, base 420x250mm


L’Espoir du Monde.

1.2 metres high, forged steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection


sculpture for garden and landscapes

"Ribbons" Sculpture

1.4 metres high, forged steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection

Weight 27kg


modern sculpture for garden

"Circle with steps" Garden Sculpture

500mm diameter, fabricated steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection

Weight 33kg


"Unity" Sculpture. 1.1 metre high forged mild steel.


abstract art for the garden.exterior sculpture

"Two Halves" Sculpture, 600mm high,
fabricated steel, galvanised and painted for weather protection.
Weight 32kg


Sculpture for gardens, garden art, garden sculpture

modern art for gardens, abstract sculpture

Tall "Two Halves" 1100mm high.
Fabricated steel, galvanised and finished in hand mixed graphite black.


sculpture of stiltman for gardens and parks

5 metres high, marching across a garden lawn. Above detail of head


garden sculpture in stainless steel

sculpture for garden, water feature in stainless steel

"Two Crescent Sculpture" - above in polished stainless steel,
  suitable for indoors, outdoors or in water. Below galvanised and finished in hand mixed graphite black.
Available in sizes: 1050mm high, 1250mm high and 1500mm high

Sculpture, garden sculpture, sculpture wedding present, garden art, contemporary sculpture, modern sculpture

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N.B All designs are protected by copyright. Paul Margetts 2017


Sculpture for public places, exterior art, landscape sculpture, large sculpture, public art

Feature entrance sculpture for Bromsgrove School Worcestershire.
5 metres high fabricated in mild steel.

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